End-of-Academic-Year Celebration 2024: A Memorable Event!

We are thrilled to share the highlights of our End-of-Academic-Year Celebration in Salt (Catalonia, Spain), which took place on Tuesday, May 28, 2024! This special event marked the culmination of a year full of learning, both formal and non-formal, fun, and achievements. Here’s a recap of the memorable activities and surprises that made the late afternoon so special.

Event Recap Welcome
The celebration began with a warm welcome, where we expressed our gratitude to all participants for their effort and commitment throughout the year. The agenda for the day was also presented, setting the stage for the exciting activities to come.

Basketball Demonstration
Following the welcome, we enjoyed an exciting basketball demonstration in the schoolyard. Our young talents showcased the skills they had been perfecting all year. Children played four games (7-10 minutes each), and even some mums joined their teams, adding to the fun and enthusiasm.


Trip to Greece in 5 Minutes
One of the highlights of the evening was reliving the best moments of our recent trip to Greece for the 1st Basketball Tournament of the project through a special video. In just five minutes, we revisited the most notable sights and memorable experiences of this unforgettable adventure.

Course Closure
During the course closure, we gave an envelope with some photos in appreciation to all participants to thank them for their dedication and active participation throughout the year. It was a heartfelt gesture to recognize their efforts and commitment.

Snack and Photo Exhibition
To conclude the celebration, we enjoyed a delicious snack while viewing an exhibition of photographs showcasing the best moments of the trip to Greece. It was a fantastic opportunity to reminisce and celebrate together.


We were delighted to see everyone at the celebration, which made for an incredible end to an amazing academic year! Thank you for bringing your energy and enthusiasm. We look forward to more wonderful moments together in the future!