3-point baskEUball: playing, sharing, learning from+with the team.
Jordi Freixenet
Universitat de Girona
Valuing difference makes us grow as a society
David Cerro
Escola La Farga
Passion and action for making it happen!
Maria Berrocal
Universitat de Girona
Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is an opportunity to grow.
Xavier Jimenez
CB Salt
No good action is lost in this world. Somewhere it will remain forever.
Eduard Muntaner
Universitat de Girona
A good opportunity to get to know other cultures, values and respect.
Jordi Miralles
Escola La Farga


Valuing difference makes us grow as a society
Jovita Matulaitienė
Basketball Academy SNAIPERIS
If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original
Lukas Januškevičius
Basketball Academy SNAIPERIS
Anyone can play and enjoy basketball.
Kęstutis Matulaitis
Lithuanian Sports University
I will show your where to look, but won’t tell you, what to see
Aneta Ivanauskienė
St.Kazimieras schoo
There is nothing impossible -  if you want you can achieve everything.
Rasa Kreivytė
Lithuanian Sports University
We are more powerful when we empower each other.
Asta Macežinskienė
St.Kazimieras schoo


Teamwork is the magic word. Through team spirit you can achieve miracles whether you are talking about basketball or inclusion. BasketEUball aims to combine both.
Alexandros Diamantis
Action Synergy
Nothing honours more togetherness than team sports. A real team values every member and they all co-exist for a bigger goal. And inclusion is the biggest goal of our times.
Dominikos Diamantis
Action Synergy
It’s the happiest moment of my life until the next game (after quarter final) (meaning Never Stop Trying)
Nick Galis George
Lietuvos sporto universitetas
Working together for inclusion can be as simple as setting a pick-and-roll, if everyone contributes, the whole team, or society, benefits
Michalis Schinoplokakis
Action Synergy

External Advisor

Colin Isham