Children Dive into Extracurricular Activities Programme

Excitement filled the halls of participating schools as children eagerly embarked on their extracurricular activities program. From crafting self-portraits to envisioning dream jobs through LEGO constructions, the young minds delved into a world of creativity and imagination.

One standout project included the creation of a scribbling machine, showcasing the fusion of art and technology in a whimsical display of innovation. Additionally, designing team mascots sparked collaborative efforts, fostering democratic values and teamwork among the pupils.

But the magic didn’t stop there. Across the continent, schools in Greece and Lithuania simultaneously embarked on similar extracurricular adventures with their own enthusiastic students. Through virtual connections and a shared platform (Cokrea), children from different corners of Europe came together to explore their passions and showcase their talents.

With each activity, children not only hone their skills but also celebrate diversity, unity, and the joy of shared learning. As they continue their journey through the extracurricular landscape, they carry with them the invaluable lessons of friendship and collaboration.