Basket Change Maker: Play, Include and Educate is a 3-year co-funded Erasmus + project that aims to use basketball as a powerful tool to promote inclusion.

The strategic consortium involves three partners in Spain, Lithuania and Greece: an elementary school, a basketball club and an organisation. Initially, they selected 15 girls and 15 boys from vulnerable communities (10 children per country), attending the consortium schools, to join a basketball team in their city.
These children, together with their teammates, participate in an after-school programme that includes ludic activities of Art, Science, Creative Technologies, English, etc.
Moreover, basketball is integrated into the academic programme curriculum of their schools.

All this, while working on digital skills by creating a European community as children interact online with others participating in the same project through virtual exchanges, culminating with three in-person basketball tournaments in Spain, Lithuania and Greece.

How Does It Work?


Design of the Method:

Co-designing of the first version of the After-School activity Programme and the School Guidelines to integrate basketball.


Training the Trainers:

Training the teachers, coaches and after-school educators who will implement the project during the pilot within the consortium.



Implementation in the three partnership countries’ schools, basketball clubs and after-school activities and refined version of the After-school activity Programme and the School Guidelines.


Upscaling Training:

Previously trained professionals instruct the new participants to the project before the replication phase.



Reproduction of the project in two more cities per country and elaboration of a Know-How Replication Report and the final version of the After-School activity Programme and the School Guidelines.

BaskEUball has two aims:

· To provide up-to-date quality education by including active methodologies with democratic values for global learning inside and outside the school.

· To contribute to equity education by offering equal learning opportunities, formal and non-formal, to children with disadvantaged backgrounds.

What's happening?